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Child Protection

Child Protection Summary

On the 18th November 2014 the committee of Wadhurst Brass Band adopted a policy for the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. This is a summary of the policy which includes amendments made on 19th February 2019.


This policy, agreed by the committee of the Band who are responsible for its affairs, commits the Band to the following statement of policy. Provisions relating to children and young people shall also apply, where consistent, in relation to any vulnerable adults who may become members of the Band.

• In all activities of the Band involving children and young people, the welfare of the child is paramount.

• All children and young people who are members of the Band have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.

• This policy applies to all members of the Band, its officers, the musical director and others with positions of authority in or representing the Band.

• Children and young people and their parents are informed of the policy and procedures as appropriate.

• All concerns and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by officers, committee members and others in positions of authority and responded to appropriately including by referral to Safeguarding Adults Services or Children’s Services and, in emergencies, to the Police.

• The Band is committed to safe recruitment, selection and vetting of officers and members who work with young people who are members of the band.

• The Band will comply with the principles, legislation and guidance underlying the safeguarding of children including health and safety and anti-bullying.

• The Child Protection policy and procedures of the Band will be reviewed by the Band Committee on an annual basis, usually at the first committee meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

How we will implement the policy

References to a “young person”, “young people” or “children” apply to young people under 18 years of age and also to any adult members of the band who are vulnerable by reason of physical or other disability. These procedures are intended first to protect young people from abuse while engaged in the activities of the band and secondly to avoid allegations of abuse against officers and other members of the band.

Young people will be encouraged to develop musically and socially in an unthreatening, open environment. Occasionally members may rehearse, socialise or travel in small groups and all members should be aware that physical, sexual or emotional abuse or neglect of a young person is more likely to occur in such circumstances.

In order to minimise the risk of abuse or an allegation of abuse, the Band and its members shall:

• Ensure that, whenever possible, parents take responsibility for their own children.

• Follow an “open door” policy. No adults to be alone with a child in a closed room.

• Avoid being alone with a child or children on a car journey, however short, unless there is no other option and the child’s or children’s parents have given permission.

• Not engage in or allow inappropriate physical contact of any kind.

• No personal verbal abuse and inappropriate use of electronic communication and social media.

• Not encourage or condone the illegal acquisition or consumption of alcohol by young people and, where consumption of alcohol is legal, for example with a restaurant meal, try to ensure that a young person does not drink to excess.

• Ensure, so far as possible, that photographs published by the Band do not expose any young person to risk.

• Carry out, as necessary and appropriate, risk assessments in relation to engagements and venues.

The Committee shall appoint a Child Protection Officer to oversee the implementation of the policy and procedures and to be the first point of reference in the event of a complaint or suspicion of abuse. Such person must be the holder of a clear DBS certificate.

If any member of the band is concerned that abuse has occurred, or may occur to themselves or another person, he or she should refer the matter immediately to the Child Protection Officer or, if he/she is not available or the complaint relates to the conduct of the Child Protection Officer, to the Chairman of the Band or another committee member of trust.

The Child Protection Officer or other person receiving a complaint must not conduct any investigation but should refer the complaint as soon as possible to the Band Manager and to Social Services and/or, in case of emergency, to the Police. Other useful contacts are

East Sussex County Council – Child Protection and Safeguarding Duty and Assessment Team West (for Eastbourne, Lewes and Wealden): Phone: 01323 464222.

Childline: Phone 0800 1111

Any member of the Band who finds himself or herself in a compromising situation should immediately withdraw from that situation and speak to a trusted friend or seek other advice about it. Similarly anyone who observes another Band member putting him or herself at risk of an allegation should speak to the member concerned or to the Child Protection Officer with a view to discreetly avoiding embarrassment.

The Child Protection Officer is Sam Daly and she can be emailed at cpo@wadhurstbrassband.co.uk or samdaly2000@hotmail.com or telephone numbers 01580 878187/07722797330.